If you are a budget traveler, then definitely you are not going for a package tour. What you can do instead is to simply go on your own or do a mixed option with some on-your-own and some guided tour. Use public transport and a private car where necessary. Arrange half day or 1 day tours for off-route destinations where going on your own is either impossible or would be tiring and time-consuming.  In this way, you will both save money and you can enjoy the unique features of Iran which cannot be experienced individually. Such mixed budget tours are absolutely cost effective and convenient. You will get the best for what you pay regarding the hotels, off-routes trips and even bus tickets. The last example can clarify it better. There are many buses available between cities and the prices are almost the same but you will never know the best one while the locals book the best for the same fare. It is true for hotels and off-route trips. When you hire a car or get into taxi, you are often charged a touristy price. While a car rental or a tour is not that expensive and is more convenient. Above all, you can make sure you get the best offer. Even half day city tours can give you an opportunity to know the landmarks, attractions and restaurants. Then you can explore the city much easier, faster and cheaper. Iran Travel Service (ITS) gives you a semi-tour option which is both cost-effective and convenient. For more info, just contact us through the site or email us