Miandasht Caravanserai is located some 105 km to the east of Shahrood city in Semnan Province.
(Semnan Province is located in center of Iran.)
The Caravansari is one of the oldest in the country and consist of three adjacent caravansaries.
Of course, it is very cold in december.

it is located on the Silk road and on its main route. The main route in Iran passes Sabzevar Damghan-Shahroud, Rey (Tehran), Qazvin, and then divides into 2 routes. One goes to Tabriz and the other toward Hamedan, Kermanshah and then extends to the border.
The other route goes through the desert and Tabas.
And finally one route passes near Isfahan, Shiraz and Bushehr.

The main Silk route is the northern one and it is mostly covered with snow and cold during winter.
The other routes associated with silkroad also have some Caravansaries.

Generally you should visit the north and north west in the summer or spring.

There are other caravansari near the other branches of Silk Road. For more info on Silk Road and the existing highlights, use Iran Travel Service contact form.