Seeking some training to speak Farsi for your immediate needs? Or want to learn it as a second language and get absolute pleasure from reading the masterpieces of Persian literature?

Where else can you learn it better than in motherland Persia?

Learn basic Farsi in ITS short-term courses. With our group of professional teachers, learning Farsi is no big deal. ITS offers bed and breakfast services for Farsi learners along with the course. You can choose homestays as well! Enjoy the family environment; meanwhile learn the lifestyle and the language.

Participation in intensive Farsi courses and/or homestay with an Iranian family can be a great opportunity for learning basic Farsi as well as understanding the cultural aspects.

Learn Persian while you enjoy yourself touring the country.

Even if you cannot do it right now, perhaps we can suggest or provide you with language learning materials.

Just let us know what you are intending to do, for sure ITS can help!