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d1Arrival in Tehran - Transfer to the hotel

In the afternoon, visit the famous Golestan Palace recalling the last years of monarchy in Iran and look at the invaluable items mostly left behind from Pahlavi and Qajar dynasty.



In the morning, walk through centuries of civilization starting from prehistoric era to the more recent post Islamic Period in the Iran Archeological Museum. Visit the Iranian treasury; precious items from years of monarchy at Jewelry Museum, alternatively gaze at the original art of Persian carpets in the Carpet Museum

Walk through the busiest bazaar in Iran; Tehran Grand bazaar.

Fly to Shiraz and be transferred to the hotel to have a refreshing rest


Firouz Abad

In the morning, drive to Firooz Abad to the south of Shiraz to see the Sassanid Palace and drop in on Nomads. Spend some time with them and enjoy their nomadic and amazing life style in 21st century which takes you far back to the past.

In the afternoon, visit the amazing collection of flowers and trees, the most comprehensive collection of roses and take your time breathing the fresh air in the Eram Garden. Look at the masterpieces painted on the top of the main building, each narrating an old tale. Visit one of the holiest shrines in the country (Shahcheragh Shrine) and get amazed at the golden dome, the wood work and the interior glass work which glazes and twinkles at nights.             



In the afternoon, visit the tomb of the most inspiring Persian poet of all time, Hafez Shirazi. Walk through the garden and step up the flight of stairs to see the wonderful canopy over the grave. Get amazed at the wonderful architecture with mystic interpretations and recite some poems of Hafez in the divine atmosphere.

Visiting Saadi mausoleum, the tomb of the other world famous poet is no less exciting.

Before noon, visit Naranjestan (sour orange garden), a house belonging to one of most famous nobles of Shiraz with eye-catching replicas of Persepolis in the courtyard and great pastry architecture in the interior.

In the afternoon, visit Vakil complex including the bazaar, vakil bathroom and vakil mosque with special tile work and columns. Spend some time in the quiet corner of the old Caravansary (Sareye Moshir) which has changed to antique shopping center. Have some thirst-quenching ethnic dessert from Shiraz. Walk through narrow allies toward Madrese Khan, an old religious school with splendid entrance hall and carvings on walls of the yard. The place is still at use for educating pupils to become clergymen.



Early in the morning, get ready to see the most grandeur building remained from Achaemenian Empire. Stop at the city’s northern entrance to see the magnificent Quran Gate en route to Persepolis, and then drive some 45 km towards Persepolis.

After spending some hours in spectacular palaces of the 2500 year-old Persepolis, drive a few kilometers further to Necropolis (Naghsh e Rostam) where you can see the tomb chambers of Achaemenian Emperors dug into the mountain and the carvings of the Sassanid’s dynasty depicting their victories over Romans as well as a very ancient Ilomite carving.

After having lunch on some nearby restaurant, drive on the Isfahan road. En route, visit the magnificent and highly respected tomb of Cyrus the great at Pasargadae. For the night, stay at the ancient town of Abarkooh and see its 5000 years old tree.



In the morning, drive to Yazd to visit the spectacular Masjed Jame of Yazd. Visit Yazd wind towers, a sort of cooling system designed specifically for the desert.
In the afternoon visit Amir Chakhmagh square and the water museum of Yazd and get acquainted with the old water storage system.



In the morning, visit the most important (and still working) Zoroastrian fire temple in Iran. Later go to visit silence tower of Zoroastrians a few kilometers in suburbs where the Zoroastrians used to have their burial ceremony.

Later in the afternoon, go sightseeing, stroll along the city old and narrow allies and have a glance at the amazing old buildings. Visit handicraft workshops which are a special attraction of Yazd and watch how the artists use their hands to create exquisite pieces of art.



In the morning drive to the town of Meybod and visit the amazing Pidgin Tower to watch hundreds of pidgins nesting there. Next, visit the amazing ice house. Later, pay a visit to Chaparkhaneh; an ancient caravansary used as a stop point by messengers for a short stay and changing horses; dating back to the time of Sasanids and Ashkanis.

In the evening drive to Isfahan.



In the morning, visit Isfahan’s famous Imam square or the Royal Square which is a registered world heritage. The amazing Alighapoo, the picturesque Imam mosque with unique tile work and the azureus Sheikh lotf Allah will take you to Safavid era, and make you motionless gazing at the elegance of the Naghsh-e-Jahan Square.

In the afternoon visit the Armenian quarter called Jolfa quarter where a large number of Christians have settled for years, then go to gaze at their marvelous Vank Church which reminds you of old churches in Europe. In the evening, walk aside the Zayande Rood River and enjoy the beautiful architecture of its famous bridges, Si o Se Pol and Khajoo Bridge.



In the morning, visit another masterpiece of Safavid art, Chehel Sotoun (palace of forty columns) with miniature paintings and spectacular porches, then move on to visit a unique pair of shaking minarets in the world, called Menar Jonban.

In the afternoon you are free to hang around and marvel at the other beauties of Isfahan.


Farsan - Lordegan

Having had enough ancient places, we drive to untouched nature of Chaha rmahal province.

Drive through the nature to Farsan and then to Lordegan county. Hiking through the nature and hills, you forget about the whole hustle bustle of the city.

Set up a camp to spend the night at nature, alternatively stay at a nearby guesthouse.



Eat breakfast in the nature, move through Lordegan and drive to KhoramAbad to visit the grandeur Falak alaflak Fortress.

Have some rest at the hotel. Then go some sightseeing in KhoramAbad in the afternoon.




d26In the morning, drive to Kermanshah, one of the Kurdish cities with a long history. Visit Tagh-e-Bostan with wonderful carvings on the rocks and then go to see the carving and bas-relief of Bistoon which is considered the most important engraved Achaemenian document, telling about Darius the Great.



In the morning drive to Hamedan to visit Avicina Tomb the well-known Persian medicine man and scientist.

Next, visit one of the longest and most amazing water caves in the world, Alisadr cave. Get on the boat to see a bit of its breath-taking features.



Drive to Qazvin to see Alamout castle, Cantour church and Tap-e- Zaghe, which is one of the 9000 years old archeological sites in central Iran.



Drive through Green roads of North toward Rasht makes you feel you are in a different country. The land of 4 seasons you may call it. You will visit the Masouleh village with its unique stair-like buildings and trek into the jungle which gives you a feeling of being in rain forests. Enjoy the cuisine for dinner and spend the night in the village.



Drive along the cities on the Caspian Sea coastline. Spend some time at the beach and prepare some barbeque beside the beach. Drive to Namak Abrood and stay there at night.



Trek along the jungles and use the cable car to get a view of the amazing woods.

In the afternoon, drive along the misty and twisty roads of Chaloos.

Drive back to the hotel in Tehran to have a deep sleep.


Transfer to the Airport – Departure (back home)


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