Shiraz walking tour

In the morning, visit the amazing picturesque pink mosque. Take some amazing photos under the different colors shining through glazed windows. Visit Vakil complex including the bazaar, vakil mosque with special tile work and the old Vakil bath. Spend an hour in the corner of an old Caravansary (Sareye Moshir) which has now changed into antique shopping center.  Have some thirst-quenching ethnic desert from Shiraz. Walk through narrow old allies toward Madrese Khan, an old religious school, with splendid entrance hall and carving on the walls, which is still used for educating clergymen. Later, Visit one of the holiest Shiite Shrines and get amazed at the dome and the interior glasswork, which becomes particularly shiny and twinkling at nights.

4- 5 hours

Min 2 pax

Every day