4 season Iran in summer 

Iran is not a touristy destination these days let alone for summer when it gets scare number of tourists. The general belief for those interested in visiting Iran is that is a scorching nightmare to go to the Middle East in summer especially to a country where you have to follow Islamic dress codes. Yet the fact is Iran is not as hot as it seems to be and the dress code is not as strict as publicized. While it starts to get warm mostly in June till September, still Iran is not as hot as other countries in the Middle East. Actually, it is a summer resort for many Arab tourists from Persian Gulf region. Besides the average temperature, Iran has a diversity of climate with mild and cool resort even in July and August. Some southern and central parts are really hot in summer like Bandar Abbas, Kerman and Yazd getting as hot as 40˚ – 45˚ C during the mid-day. The other major cities like Isfahan and Shiraz are closely following a max of 40˚– 42˚ C. What makes them a bit different is that the weather is moderate during the early morning hours and later hours in the afternoon. With well air-conditioned accommodation and transport, one is not exposed to heat during the hot hours. Sightseeing can be done early in the morning from 8 – 11 and later from 6 – 9 in the afternoon. But is it really worth sightseeing this way? Spending some long hours in the hotel or in the car? Not really! You do not have to do it this way. A good planning can give the best of Iran even in summer. While North West and northern part of the country are chilly even in summer, there are some natural attractions to enjoy near major cities. You can visit Tehran on your arrival day and leave the heat and crowd behind and fly to Shiraz. Visit Shiraz and see its glorious sites. Two days is good enough for day tours inside Shiraz and an excursion to Persepolis. Then you can enjoy the beautiful waterfalls just within 2 hour drive from Shiraz with a great weather. Margoon waterfall and Behesht Gomshode (lost heaven) are fantastic places to visit and stay in summer (max 30˚ - 33˚ C).  Drive to Lordegan and Farsan via Yasouj and you will not be exposed to much heat (Max 23˚ - 27˚ C). Enjoy the cool weather and camp in the beautiful region. After a few days trekking, drive to Isfahan.  Spend one or two days in Isfahan visiting the highlights. What’s next? Head toward the west and North West. There are quite many options you can start from Hamedan, Sanandaj and drive toward Tabriz. The main urban areas in that part of the country will like 28˚ - 35˚ C Max while the camping areas around the cities will much cooler and even chilly. Beautiful jungles in the north and the Caspian Sea beaches can be another alternative. Limiting the highlights to Isfahan and Shiraz attractions, you can have an enjoyable summer vacation in Iran and remember Iran is known the country of 4 seasons so there is always a lot to visit and enjoy in Iran even in the summer.