Since the recent demonstrations in Iran on Feb 14, there have been many questions on the current situation in Iran. Most of the tourists are concerned about possible clashes and feel it may be unsafe. The worries basically root in the mass media propaganda on the immensity of the problem or resulting from the warning posted on forums or websites especially those issued by consulate or departments of foreign affairs. You usually get more updates on Iran rather than on Bahrain simply because of politics!

Both foreign and domestic media distort the picture because of their own interest! They may diminish or magnify the situation based on where the clashed are taking place!

I never believe in such instances of magnifying the problem and I guess many tourists do not believe it either as they count on views of the locals. Asking for advice is definitely an indication that neither sides is trusted and those traveling to Iran or intending to travel prefer to get it straight from the horse mouth. The wisest thing is to count on local sources that neither underestimate the situation for their interest nor magnify it to promote their cause.

Here I try to give you some tips on the current situation. For example, Latest updates say there is probably a fresh demonstration this Sunday, Feb 20. If you are in Iran on that day, or heard a similar announcement, just follow safety precautions. There is no need to worry. Just follow your guide instructions if you are in a group.

Some tips for backpackers:

If traveling on your own, avoid major squares in big cities!

If happened to face any clashes, do not stay to watch!

Walk away normally, do not run!

Never take pictures or films. (This can put you in serious trouble!)

Hanging around is one thing many backpackers like to do. This is even risky in normal situations. You may go off-limits but there are certain downtown squares or streets where clashes are highly likely. Avoid major squares such as Azadi and Enghelab sq. in Tehran, Enghelab sq. in Isfahan, Shariati sq. in Mashad and Mollasadra st. in Shiraz.


Try not to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Usually, you see people live normal life in the other parts of the city. You will see many people are just shopping for the New Year.


Enjoy your visit!