Is it possible for a single girl to travel to Iran? Is it safe?

First, is a girl allowed to travel alone in Iran?

The answer is almost yes. Except for American citizens who must be accompanied with a tour guide, other foreign visitors can travel on their own, even a single female tourist. The tourism rules have generally eased up since the last couple of years and the foreign tourists can easily enter and travel to Iran. However the main question worrying you may be whether one single girl is actually safe in Iran?

The answer is yes provided that you follow the safety precautions. Iran is as safe as any place in the world as long as you do not get off track.

Even if you do not want a scheduled tour with a tour guide accompanying you during the whole trip, you can be safe and sound. All you need to do is to follow the typical safety instructions.

Here are some Dos and Don’ts.

1. Use the colored cabs usually yellow when traveling especially at night.

2. Do not get into private cars though they are used as taxis by many locals.

3. Although all Iranians are very hospitable especially to tourists, do not trust everyone.

4. Do not hang around in deserted streets or off-limit alleys.

5. Do not leave your belongings unattended in places you are visiting.

6. Ask for directions from tourists’ information booth in the city or at the hotel reception.

7. Get help from youngsters who speak good English and are willing to talk to tourists.

8. Do not trust pushy drivers who surround you in bus station. You will be overcharged.

9. Visit the main attractions in the main cities.

10. Find some company either a guide or another tourist if you want to visit the sites faraway from the city.

There are many backpackers who have traveled throughout Iran without help or sometimes accompanied by local and they would tell you it is absolutely safe. But remember a single girl traveling by herself must be more careful even in her own country. So do not take a risk and follow the typical instructions.

There are some operators who are willing to give you free advice. Ask other tourists who have already traveled to Iran to introduce such friends to you. Keep their number just in case necessary. It is a good idea to have a cell phone and a SIM card which is dirt cheap, some only $5 to able to make necessary calls.

And let me tell you about my own experience once I was in KL, Malaysia. We had been told about some robbery and pick pocketing. But we never had a problem cuz we simply followed the typical safety instruction. Even my wife could get around by herself although she didn’t know much English!