Shiraz is definitely a name always recalled whenever somebody talks about Iran. It is a melting pot with so many things to offer; culture and art, heritage and archeology, poetry and music. So many variant aspects make Shiraz a must-see destination along with other beautiful cities in Iran. PersePolis, the Achamenian most important Palace, Pasargadae, Necropolis, Some Ilomite carvings, Sasanid palaces and carvings, Safavid and Qajar gardens and mosques are a few examples of the ancient heritage that can be found in or around Shiraz. Shiraz is also associated with culture. There are many famous poets coming from Shiraz like Hafez, Saadi, Shouride Shirazi, Khaghani, Ahli Shirazi, etc. Many craftmen and architects come from Shiraz, like the ones who constructed Taj Mahal in India or craftmen who make inlaid work or carvings on silver and donate it to the famous Shiite shrines in Iran and Iraq. Besides all this historical and cultural aspects, modern Shiraz is also a beautiful place to visit. The flowers, trees and in general gardens which abound in different parts of the city look incredibly nice at this time of the year. The people being famous for hospitality and joy hang around in different sites, gardens and parks and enjoy the nature. They are typically famous for being the most joyful people in the country; caring for leisure more than for work. It is very common to see people picnicking in every space every evening. Probably, this type of moral, the unique climate (and needless to say the world famous wine) has given them the inspiration for becoming widely known poets and artists.

When is the best time to visit Iran particularly Shiraz? Spring is the best time to visit most part of Iran although you can visit any time during the year as the country is famous for having four different seasons at the same time. While that option is available any time and you can visit the North West in summer or the south including Kish and Qeshm Island in winter, try to visit Shiraz and Isfahan in April and early May. Shiraz is famous for its flowers and gardens during this month. The weather is generally very pleasant during this time of the year. This is particularly true this year (2011) because of the good rainfall in 2010 and early 2011. Some rivers were dried out and waterfalls lacked enough water to run. It is so exciting to see them back. As a result of getting some showers in April, obviously April and May are going to be really pleasant. The temperature is currently between 10 – 21 degrees C during the day which is very pleasant for walking around. It seems spring 2011 is a great start for Iran tourism as the nature has become so hospitable and beautiful tantalizing any traveler to spend some time in Iran both enjoying the nature and history.