Tehran is the capital of Iran as well as its largest city. With a population of more than 8 million people in it urban are, it is a busy city with a lot of immigrants from all over the country.

The city has been the capital of Iran since the beginning of Qajar dynasty more than 2 centuries.

The city is home to many official departments and cultural centers. The main landmarks include the Azadi (freedom) Tower and Milad Tower which is one of the tallest in teh world.

In tourism point of view, there are a number of palaces and museums to visit in the capital including SaadAbad Palace - museum complex, Golestan Palace, Niavaran palace all impressive remaining of the past kingdom.

The famous museums include Jewelry museum and carpet museum besides many smaller ones such as Abgineh and Reza Abbasi museum.

Tehran Grand Bazaar as the busiest bazaar in the country is another attraction for the capital.

Some small fire-temples remaining of old Persian civilization can also be found in the area.

In contrast to the polluted city downtown, there are a number of natural resorts to see nearby and to enjoy your time.

Ski resort like Shemshak and Dizin are the ebst natural Ski resort in the Middle East with high international standards.

Tochal and darake on the footsteps of Damavand Mountain (one of the top peaks in the world) are just within a stone throw, nice places to do some hiking and spending time in the cafes and restaurants like many youngsters on especially on Friday moorings.

Although, it is usually a crowded city, the subway system is rather efficient to move around and the highways spread-out through the city ease up access to different parts.

The old airport Mehrabad is located in the western part of the city is now used as the domestic airport while Imam Khomeini Airport or IKA is about 25 km south of the city.

The railway system also connects the capital to many cities across the country. The main railway station is centrally located (almost down town). There is a weekly connection to TransAsia Express train which now runs from Ankara to Tehran (Istanbul – Tehran is currently not operating as of 2013). Although it is a bit long trip but it is a cheap and convenient way to enter Iranian capital.