Types of Iran Visa

  1. Iran Tourist Visa
  2. Visa on Arrival / airport visa (VOA)
  3. Transit Visa
  4. Student visa
  5. Work visa

Note: Visa for American, British and Canadian nationals has a more complicated process. Read more here.


{tab=Tourist Visa}

itsa 1 iran Tourist Visa is issued for 30 days stay in Iran which can be used normally within 3 months validity. It has been a couple years that the visa is issued only for SINGLE entry.


  1. AUTHORIZATION CODE: All nationalities are required to get a visa authorization code through an Iran-based agency (This is usually done online). The code is issued by Iran Ministry of foreign affairs. This has replaced the common letter of invitation. The process normally takes 7-10 working days. Faster is rare but longer waiting due to holidays is common. Once you have the code, you can collect your visa at the stated embassy. Most agencies charge between 30 – 50 euros for processing your code
  2. VISA FEE: It can range from 100 $ - 250 $ depending on nationality and embassy.
  3. PHOTOS: 2 passport size photos are needed for visa issuance at the embassy. Most embassies require females photos to be with Islamic cover (Hijab)
  4. Visa form: First visa form should be obtained from you agency. The second one from the embassy.
  5. Passport with 6 months validity

Note: A few embassies may give the visa without the code to the citizens of that country.

{tab=Visa on Arrival / airport visa}

itsa 5 Visa upon arrival is issued at major airport like IKA(Tehran), Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad and Tabriz. Some nations are not eligible for visa upon arrival. Check if you are eligible first.

This is issued only for 15 day stay in Iran.


  1. VISA FEE: the normal fee for VOA is 60 euros (2014)
  2. Visa form available at immigration desk
  3. Passport with 6 months validity

Note: VOA has been controversial at times. Sometimes it is totally hassle-free. Sometimes they may ask you for a contact in Iran. But in practice you cannot mention a friend as your contact. It is advisable to use a hotel booking as an indication of your stay in Iran.

{tab=Transit Visa}

itsa 4 Transit visa is usually issued for 5-7 days at land border. If you are travelling in your own vehicle, it is very difficult to get transit visa as there is a requirement for a guide (As of June 2013).

{tab=Student visa}

itsa 3Student Visa can only be applied though universities and a few well-known language institutes..

{tab=Work visa}

itsa 2 Work Visa can be applied though your employer.