persian carpet weavingPersian Art Courses

  For those who enjoy the beauty of Persian art, learning to create it by themselves can be a remarkable experience. ITS team of art masters can make your visit to Iran totally different. Stay with us, tour the country and learn Persian arts for free!

  Here is the ITS incredible offer. Get the bed and breakfast through us and your training will be free of charge.

  ITS art training services range from learning to make handicrafts, weaving rugs, making inlaid works and many other forms of Persian art.

  Specify the form of art you want to learn and the time of your stay, and then we will provide you with a number of suggestions.

  Interested but still don’t know what to choose? We can provide you with some introductory material and photos and of course the required time limit for completing a course on a specific art. Then you can easily make your mind based on your interest and time.

  I say this would be fascinating!